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The Holy Scriptures... To some people they are the inspired word of God, and to others they are misunderstood and decried for what people perceive to be inconsistancies and fiction.

To people of Jewish Descent and Christians alike, the scriptures are spirit breathed and a testament of God's Love to the people of the Covenant that the Most High God made with the man called Abraham and those whom have since been grafted into the tree of life through faith in Jesus Christ as their High Priest and Messiah.

The Holy Bible is chock full of historical data! Most people when reading the scriptures, and even some scholars fail to recognize the message contained in its pages, and why the pedigrees presented in the Bible are so important.

This page will attempt to show evidence that God's word concerning what he has promised to those that love the LORD and his precepts are 100% accurate.

One may hear in some circles the attempts and false claims that are attributed to Biblical Genealogy, and sad to say these false stories are often what is most seen by researchers. This sad set of circumstances has often caused people to not take a serious look at claims that are presented concerning family ties to the people found in the scriptures.

There are however those claims to lineage that is very well documented, and while a great majority of these are made mostly by Gentiles, there are those people of Jewish descent whom do indeed trace their lineage to the scriptures.

All Jews know they are descended from Abraham, but sadly most records have been destroyed and lost concerning most of the documented lineages. There are however, several families whom through the works of both scribes, teachers and scholars are indeed able to document their history to those mentioned.

This page will cite some evidences you may research concerning this topic, and will give the reader an insight into the annuls of history.

Over the years, I became interested in exploring my roots, it did not take long for me to get bit by the bug and I have been digging through census records and birth and death certificates and bits and pieces for any scrap of information concerning my family.

In tracing my mother's heritage I have found that on her dad's side our ancestors came to America among the Dutch from Holland to a place then called New Amsterdam. Many of the families settled in the Long Island area and also what is known as Flushing New York in the early 1650's.

These families were known as The New Amsterdam Jews, or Dutch Jews.


On My mother's mother's side of the family, we are descended from the Gyger or Geiger family from the Canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

The Gyger family were vintners and vinedressers by trade from a place called Berneck. The name means "Fiddler" or "Violinest". The family came to America in 1737 aboard a British vessel named "Prince of Wales" and landed at Charleston, South Carolina.

My 5th Great Grandfather was a man named Abraham Geiger - he was the 3rd such named in the family named after his Grandfathers. His brother was the Cantononial Governor where they lived prior to coming to America.

I have heard through the grapevine that their vineyards are still growing on the slopes of the Rheingau around and above Haslach, Berneck, Widnau, Diepoldsau as a testimony to their hard work.


My Dad's side of the family also makes very interesting research, my Dad is directly descended from the leaders of the ancient Picts going back to ancient history.

My Dad's lineage is easily traceable into Biblical times through the Satraps of Armenia and Iberia. When you follow one particular branch of this family line back through time, you soon find yourself coming to the Persian family of Ahasuerus & Queen Esther (Hadassah) whom was of royal descent herself from the Tribe of Benjamin.

This journey then leads you on back to Darius and the Medes who were responsible for the conquering of Babylon and the change of power from the Chaldeans to the Persian/Median Hierarchy.

In addition to other research I have done on these Medieval families, I have come across some very interesting material. One source in particular titled Royal Ancestors of Some American Families by Michel Call shows lineage on an individual known as Bostanai ben Chaninai whom was a famous Jewish Exilarch in Babylonia. This information may also be found in a book written by Professor Arthur Zuckerman from Columbia University titled A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France.

According to this same research, Prince Bostanai would in fact be my 37th Great Grandfather. If this research is correct then I descend through his great grandson Natronai bar Nehemiah whom was known as the Gaon of Pumbedita.

In fact, I am descended from two of Prince Bonsanai's sons, and two of his Great Great Grandsons and a Grand Daughter! If I were to list all of my ties to this large family that I have researched to date, there would not be room on this page for all of it.

These men were all known as the Resh Galuta which in Aramaic translates to "Prince of the Dispersion." These men were responsible for the safety and welfare of the people during their appointed times. These Princes were sub-serviant to the rulers of these foreign lands, however they did have considerable power in these lands and were often consulted on serious matters in these kingdoms.

This line from Natronai bar Nehemiah soon descends to Prince (Nasi) Makhir of Babylon whom was sent by Caliph Harun-al-Rashid upon the request of Pepin of the Franks to have in his courts a Jew descended from Juda.

During a dispute between Muslims and the Jews of Narbonne, the people appealed to Pepin for his help.

Pepin ended a siege of Narbonne in the year 759 and in fact gave it independence as its own autonomous principality. Prince Makhir was then made ruler over the province where the people for a time enjoyed a time of prosperity which later resulted in the people lending money to France.

Prince Makhir stayed in Europe and raised a family and had children from whom I descend. It is interesting to note that Narbonne translates in Hebrew "Nar Binah" which means "light of intelligence".

Much of the heraldry of families in this particular region show the six pointed star and lions and hats and other symbols used in Jewish Arms. Apparently for some 400 or so years the family of Prince Makhir was quite celebrated and well known as one of the remaining documented families of this branch.

The Gyger arms displayed on this page were first mentioned in the year 1315 in Saanen. The family emblem is a violin between two stars, these arms have remained virtually unchanged for over 686 years!

My personal research indicates that it is quite probable that the family was in Narbonne prior to coming to Switzerland, and from what I understand there are indeed land records in France that indicate this connection.

There is also a good source of information on the Jews living at Narbonne mentioned in a work written by Abraham Geiger titled "Judische Zeitschrift fur Wissenschaft und Leben", in this book it mentions several families descended from Makhir and also refers to records of sales of land in the province at the time when there was a small community of about 300 Jews there.

Sadly, this time of prosperity for the people in Narbonne and Carcassone all ended in spring of the year 1348.

During this horrible time, the Black Plague was rampant in all of Europe and the scapegoat for this disease became the Jewish people.

Jews from Narbonne and Carcassone in France were dragged from their homes and thrown into bonfires. This plague was blamed on them by certain insane unlearned individuals who then proceeded to proclaim that they were responsible for this disease as a direct result of the death of Jesus the Christ.

This false doctrine spread all over Europe and resulted in the expulsion of the people from virtually all lands, and many were forced to convert to another religion because of the insanity of Anti-Semitic policies in Europe.

Prince Bostanai ben Chaninai in fact was of the Tribe of Judah. If you trace his lineage back through time that has been quite well documented by several well known scholars, you soon find yourself coming to Zerubbabel Governor of Judah. His mother was the daughter of Hananiah Gaon of Sura.

Around this time is when the persecution of Jews on a large scale takes place all over Europe, which in effect ends the Reign of these Princely Scholars in France.

It should be noted, that many of the families descended from this lineage may have difficulty establishing records. As Dr. Zuckerman has noted in his book, many of the rolls have been intentionally tampered with and in many places where you find mentions of Jews, the records have been destroyed, and is many cases the names have been altered and even overwritten when any mention of Hebrew descent has been listed.

This apparently occured after the Jews of France were expelled, and the records have since been tampered with as a means to destroy any and all claims to lineage.

However, there have been sucessful undertakings by contemporary scholars and much evidence has been uncovered!

If you have uncovered such evidence in your own family, please let me know, this sort of document alteration should be published so that others may benefit from your research.

Another side note: In many records of the times, the mention of Jew has been scratched out and overwritten with the name Goth so as to destroy the truth of many records, this is the case with many of the families listed above.

Many of their descendants were listed as Goth's when in fact prior to the tampering of the records, they were apparently not living in these places at these times due to previous wars which the majority of these peoples had been expelled from France and Spain.

This is clearly Genocide, the purposful alteration of records to destroy the lineage of a people is inexcusable, and all efforts should be undertaken to uncover this terrible intentional practice.

If you find these circumstances in your own lineage, for the sake of others please publish your findings so that others may share in your knowledge.


Inscription found at Tel Dan, Israel 9th Century B.C.
Courtesy of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

In the scripture, we find that Righteous Abraham made a Covenant with our Father.

In this covenant we find that one of the terms was that the seed of Abraham would be a blessing to all Nations because he obeyed the voice of the Most High.

This is in fact a great truth that rarely is expounded upon! In just genealogical research alone, I have found that the Jewish families that were in these European lands in fact not only blessed the people of these lands, they contributed all of their resources to these earthly kingdoms more than any other people on the face of this Earth.

If you look at the records of England, you soon find that the entire Kingdom was financed and counselled by the Jewish Noblemen that served as the rulers private counsel.

They also had their own courts to establish justice, and as a result of time, England in fact embraced some of these court proceedings as their own and they are still used today in countries all across the globe.

Literally all the Kingdoms in Europe, and North and South America have been established as a direct result of Jewish interaction and contribution.

This is the legacy that our childrens' children must know, so that they might know the truth of why these countries became so great.

All of the countries where the people were dispersed had prospered. Even Egypt prospered, however due to an evil leader it was destroyed by plagues.

Those who have honored the Hebrew people have prospered. Those whom have chosen to be the enemies of the people simply cease from being great.

As history has clearly shown these countries who have been enemies of the descendants of Abraham have blown away in the dust of time, and while certainly some of the peoples and these lands still exist, they are but a shadow of their former glory.

Every Nation that has forsaken the people of Israel has been broken and defeated in war by those Nations whom will honor them. This is a proven historical fact!

I am very interested in Jewish Medieval research so if you have information pertaining to families whom trace their lineage to these families, please drop me a note and let me know your findings!

Below is a listing of the names of ancestors with Hebrew Lineage from which we descend. If you have information on these surnames, or if I can help you in your research, please contact me and maybe we can swap information and share in the discovery of our ancestors.

Bienas, Bohun, de Bohun, Chapman, Chandler, Davis, De Baumville, De Isaac, Fehr, Field, Feld, Felde, Geiger, Gieger, Ginchureyk, Gasiorek, Gensorek, Gensiorek, Martula, Gyger, Kallenberger, Kohlenberger, Kegar, ben Jacob, Jessup, Joses, ben Kish, ben Levi, Lachowich, Liachowitz, Markham, Martin, Meadows, Meri, de Meri, Orlofsky, Orlowski, Pagnel, Paynell, Penuel, Schellig, Schelling, Rupinski, Rupinsky, Kwasniewicz, Seckinger, Stanowski, Stanowska, Wawraszko, Wawryszko, Weinbaum, Ysak, ben Zadok, Zarnoski, Zarnowski, Zust.

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