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  1. Prince Haakon of Norway MAGNUS
  2. Lady Cynthia Elinor Beatrix HAMILTON
  3. James Albert Edward HAMILTON, Duke of Abercorn
  4. James HAMILTON, Duke of Abercorn
  5. James HAMILTON, Lord 1st
  6. James HAMILTON, Earl of Arran I
  7. James HAMILTON, Earl of Arran II
  8. James HAMILTON, 3d Earl of Arran
  9. Capt. J. Keyes-O'Malley HAMILTON
  10. Lady Louisa HAMILTON
  11. Mary Anne HAMILTON
  12. Andrew HAMILTON
  13. Victoria HANOVER, Queen of England
  14. George III HANOVER, King of England
  15. Duke Adolphus of Cambridge HANOVER
  16. Edward Augustus HANOVER, Duke of Kent
  17. George IV HANOVER, King of England
  18. Princess Charlotte Augusta HANOVER
  19. Frederick HANOVER, Duke of York
  20. William IV Henry HANOVER, King of England
  21. Charlotte Augusta Matilda HANOVER, Princess Royal
  22. Augusta Sophia HANOVER
  23. Elizabeth HANOVER
  24. Ernest Augustus I HANOVER, King of Hanover
  25. Augustus Frederick HANOVER, Duke of Sussex
  26. Mary HANOVER
  27. Sophia HANOVER
  28. Octavius HANOVER
  29. Alfred HANOVER
  30. Amelia HANOVER
  31. Charlotte Augusta Louisa HANOVER
  32. Elizabeth Georgiana Adelaide HANOVER
  33. George V HANOVER, King of Hanover
  34. Duke Ernest Augustus of Cumberland HANOVER
  35. Frederica HANOVER
  36. Mary HANOVER
  37. Marie Louise HANOVER
  38. George William HANOVER
  39. Alexandra HANOVER
  40. Olga HANOVER
  41. Christian HANOVER
  42. George II HANOVER, King of England
  43. Frederick Louis HANOVER, Prince of Wales
  44. Anne HANOVER, Princess Royal
  45. Amelia Sophia Eleanor HANOVER
  46. Caroline Elizabeth HANOVER
  47. George William HANOVER
  48. Duke William Augustus of Cumberland HANOVER
  49. Mary HANOVER
  50. Louisa HANOVER
  51. Augusta HANOVER
  52. Edward Augustus HANOVER, Duke of York
  53. Elizabeth Caroline HANOVER
  54. Duke Edward Henry of Gloucester HANOVER
  55. Duke Henry Frederick of Cumberland HANOVER
  56. Louisa Anne HANOVER
  57. Frederick William HANOVER
  58. Caroline Matilda HANOVER
  59. George I HANOVER, King of England
  60. Sophia Dorothea HANOVER
  61. Princess Frederica of Hanover HANOVER
  62. Duke Ernest Augustus of Brunswick HANOVER
  63. Sophia HANOVER
  64. Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover HANOVER
  65. George William HANOVER
  66. Christian HANOVER
  67. Guelph Henry HANOVER
  68. Monika of Solms-Laubach HANOVER
  69. Marie HANOVER
  70. Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover HANOVER
  71. Prince Ludwig Rudolph HANOVER
  72. Olga HANOVER
  73. Alexandra HANOVER
  74. Heinrich Julius HANOVER
  75. Ernest Augustus HANOVER
  76. Christian Heinrich HANOVER
  77. Otto HANOVER
  78. Guelph HANOVER
  79. George HANOVER
  80. Fredericka HANOVER
  81. Caroline Louise HANOVER
  82. Mireille HANOVER
  83. Harald, Crown Prince
  84. Sonja HARALDSEN, Crown Princess
  85. Charles Augustus HARALDSEN
  86. Hardicanute, King of Denmark
  87. Harold
  88. Harold I Harefoot
  89. Harold II
  90. Clyde HARRIS
  91. John 2d HASTINGS, Earl of Pembroke
  92. Dorothy HASTINGS
  93. John HASTINGS, Earl of Pembroke
  94. Earl Henry of Huntington HASTINGS
  95. Hathra
  96. Countess Sonja Anita Maria HAUNTZ
  97. Alice (Itayls) HAYLES
  98. Sir Roger of Harwich HAYLES
  99. Hedwig
  100. Hedwig
  101. Hedwige
  102. Prince Heinrich Kasimir of Nassau-Dietz
  103. Prince Heinrich XXII REUSS
  104. Princess Helen of Greece
  105. Helen
  106. Princess Helen of Romania
  107. Helen
  108. Princess Helena Frederica of Waldeck
  109. Princess Helena Augusta Victoria
  110. Lady Helena
  111. Princess Helena Victoria
  112. Helene
  113. Helene of Nassau Henrietta
  114. Helene of Schleswig-Holstein
  115. Helene Ingeborg
  116. Henrietta
  117. Henrietta Maria of France
  118. Henrietta
  119. Henrietta Maria
  120. Henriette
  121. Henriette Amalie
  122. Henriette
  123. Henriette (twin)
  124. Prince Henry Maurice of Battenberg
  125. Prince Henry of Prussia
  126. Henry
  127. Prince Henry Charles Albert WINDSOR
  128. Henry
  129. Duke Henry of Mecklenburg
  130. Henry Frederick STUART, Prince of Wales
  131. Henry, Duke of Exeter
  132. Henry
  133. Henry
  134. Henry
  135. Henry
  136. Cardinal Henry Beaufort
  137. Henry the Young King, King of England
  138. Henry, Earl Lancaster
  139. Henry, Duke Lancaster I
  140. Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony
  141. Bishop Henry of Winchester
  142. Henry
  143. Henry
  144. Earl Henry of Huntingdon
  145. Henry of Beauvais, Bishop of Rouen
  146. Emperor Henry the Fowler
  147. Henry I Beauclerc, King of England
  148. Henry I, King of France
  149. Henry II Curtmantle, King of England
  150. Henry II (Enrique), King of Castile
  151. Henry II, King of France
  152. Henry III, King of England
  153. Henry III, King of Germany
  154. Henry III, King of Castile
  155. Henry III, King of France
  156. Henry IV the Great, King of France
  157. Henry IV, King of England
  158. Emperor Henry IV
  159. Henry V, King of England
  160. Henry V, Holy Roman Empr
  161. Henry VI, King of England
  162. Henry VII TUDOR, King of England
  163. Henry VIII TUDOR, King of England
  164. Count Henry XXIV Reuss-Ebersdorf
  165. Hon Fenella Stuart-Forbes Trefusis HEPBURN
  166. James HEPBURN, Earl Bothwell-4
  167. Henry HERBERT
  168. Heremod
  169. Herleva
  170. Viscount Herluin of Conteville
  171. Count Hermann von Seherr-Thoss
  172. Prince Hermann of Saxe-Weimar
  173. Princess Hermine of Reuss
  174. David HICKS
  175. Hilda
  176. Hildegard
  177. Hildegarde
  178. Hon. Anne HILL
  179. Viscount Arthur Dungannon HILL
  180. Michael of Hillsborough HILL
  181. William HILL
  182. Himiltude
  183. Chantal HOCHULI
  184. Henrietta Mildred HODGSON
  185. Ferdinand I of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen HOHENZOLLERN, King of Romania
  186. Marie (Mignon) HOHENZOLLERN
  187. Princess Elizabeth of Romania HOHENZOLLERN
  188. Carol II HOHENZOLLERN, King of Romania
  189. Michael HOHENZOLLERN, King of Romania
  191. Nicholas HOHENZOLLERN
  192. Ileana HOHENZOLLERN
  193. Mircea HOHENZOLLERN
  194. Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern HOHENZOLLERN
  195. Prince William of Hohenzollern HOHENZOLLERN
  196. Charles Anthony HOHENZOLLERN
  197. Prince Charles Anthony HOHENZOLLERN
  198. Stephanie HOHENZOLLERN
  199. Prince Carol I of Romania HOHENZOLLERN
  200. Anthony HOHENZOLLERN
  201. Frederick HOHENZOLLERN
  203. Eleanor HOLLAND
  204. Joan HOLLAND
  205. Margaret HOLLAND
  206. Thomas HOLLAND, Earl of Kent
  207. Thomas HOLLAND, Earl of Kent
  208. John HOLLAND, Duke of Exeter
  209. Hon. Anne HORTON
  210. Catherine HOWARD
  211. Lord Edmund HOWARD
  212. Thomas 3rd HOWARD, Duke of Norfolk
  213. Thomas HOWARD, Duke of Norfolk
  214. Elizabeth HOWARD
  215. Thomas HOWARD, Duke of Norfolk
  216. Thomas HOWARD, Duke of Norfolk
  217. Lord William of Effingham HOWARD
  218. Dorothy HOWARD
  219. Elizabeth HOWARD
  220. Henry HOWARD, Earl of Surrey
  221. Mary HOWARD
  222. Thomas HOWARD, Viscount Bindon
  223. Thomas HOWARD, Duke of Norfolk
  224. Earl Henry of Northhampton HOWARD
  225. Catherine HOWARD
  226. Jane HOWARD
  227. Margaret HOWARD
  228. Philip HOWARD, Earl of Arundel
  229. Thomas HOWARD, Earl of Arundel
  230. Thomas HOWARD, Earl of Suffolk
  231. Theophilus HOWARD, Earl of Suffolk
  232. Earl Thomas of Berkshire HOWARD
  233. Henry HOWARD
  234. Catherine HOWARD
  235. Frances HOWARD
  236. William HOWARD
  237. Frances HOWARD
  238. Frances HOWARD
  239. ---, Earl Howe I
  240. Hubert de Burgh
  241. Hubertus
  242. Hubertus Gustaf Adolf
  243. Hugh the Great, Count of Paris
  244. Hugh, Earl of Ross
  245. Hugh
  246. Hugh CAPET, King of France
  247. Count Hugh the Great of Vermandois
  248. Duke Humphrey of Gloucester
  249. Humphrey De Bohun, Earl of Hereford
  250. Earl Humphrey of Buckingham
  251. Humphrey, Earl of Stafford
  252. Philip HUREPEL
  253. Hwala
  254. Anne HYDE
  255. Edward HYDE, Earl of Claredon
  256. Hywel Dda (the Good)
  257. Hywel (the Bad)

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