Peerage and Nobility

Edward III Of England
(16th Great Grandfather)

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Research is difficult in its own right, and to complicate things more we have what is known as the Peerage & Nobility.

When tracing your ancestors, it is oftentimes very difficult to know just where they fit in.

To help in your research we have worked very hard to bring the actual precedency or standing if you will, of the people of the United Kingdom.

In this webpage you may find the actual ranking or precedency of the families & their peers. Included in this is both male & female roles in order to the actual reigning Monarchs.

You will find that most if not all of the titles are present within this list in order from the Sovereign on down to the Gentlemen & Ladies.

This long standing practice has been in effect since the reign of Henry VIII, while it has been changed slightly over the years it is an excellent representation of the legal standing of these families.

Our list begins with the current ranks in England followed by those orders and titles that govern the north.

Below is a representation of the crowns of personages with their respective offices, following that is the listing of the actual positions that was recorded by Francis J. Grant Lord Lyon King of Arms in the year 1929.

Royal Crowns of the United Kingdom